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Own your temporary fencing with our affordable
Temp Fence Sales!

Welcome to The Temp Fence Shop (TTFS), where you can purchase all of your temporary fencing and accessories for your project. With our quality service, you will receive:

  • Quality products at the lowest price
  • Reliable advice from our friendly professional TTFS team
  • An efficient order process
  • Delivery to you in 24hrs

We are the leading supplier of temporary fence products; providing many Australian industries with access to the highest quality products. The industries we supply include:

  • Hire market - We have the capacity for delivering high volumes, meeting the demands of fence hire companies Australia wide
  • Construction - We can supply for building sites, construction site and maintenance works
  • Events - Our Crowd control barriers use the safety feet design and are easy to erect for crowd management
  • Resource - Our temporary fencing is used in the harshest environments found in the mining, oil and gas industries
  • Civil & Demolition - We supply temporary fences for public safety and securing specialist sites
  • Government - All levels of government can find the benefits in buying their temp fence requirements.

We also offer customised industry solutions for all of your temporary fencing projects. Contact our TTFS team for further information on how you can make great savings with our temp fence sales.

Our Quality Temp Fence Range

We offer affordable temp fencing sales with a fast ordering and delivery service. Our range of products include:

  • Temporary fence panels

  • Construction fencing

  • Pool fencing

  • Crowd control barriers

  • Temporary fencing dog enclosures

At TTFS, we offer accessories for your temporary fencing including:

  • Temporary fence feet

  • Shade Cloth

  • Temporary fencing stays

TTFS team have an in depth of knowledge of temp fence sales, products, and typical industry applications, and can advise on the most appropriate fencing solution

TTFS - Sales Delivery in 24hrs

At TTFS we manufacture, stock and deliver your fence Australia wide through our distribution centres. Having this efficient distribution network means we can guarantee delivery in 24hrs*.

Why Hire a Fence When You Can Buy?

Many industries are moving away from hiring fencing, they find buying makes sound financial sense. Buying your temporary fence also means you avoid:

  • Penalties for extending fence hire time
  • Cost for damaging hire fences
  • Organising for site access

Buying from TTFS gives you ownership of your fence, flexibility and more options on how you use your fence.

Our Friendly and Reliable Customer service

  • Choosing the correct temporary fence solution
  • Advise you on regulatory standards
  • Ordering your product
  • Delivery of your product in 24hrs*

At TTFS we value our customers and work hard on providing the best customer service in the industry. When you contact us , you can always rely on our:

  • Friendly attitude
  • Professional knowledge of most industries
  • Efficient ordering system
  • Reliable delivery of your orders
TTFS produces and distributes the highest quality temporary fencing at the lowest prices.
Contact us on 1300 119 998 for a fast, efficient and friendly service.
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